Sunday, September 12, 2021

My past burn-out and what I'm doing now

 Early 2021 I was a bit too excited about D&D. In December I got back to the East Marches campaign in my hometown and started writing a document listing all one-shots I played, complete with descriptions of monsters and encounters. In January I DMed 4 games in the East Marches and it was too much for me. With my new campaign also coming along, I burned out and had my worst creative dip ever. I didn't have any inspiration for 4 months. When I finally got up again, I got some new medication which gave me insomnia for 1.5 months. I'm now finally in a better place and can start writing again!

What happened to my campaign Trasler's Wealth?

We ended it after three sessions. It was a lot of fun in the sessions we had, but I couldn't fit the system in place and technological advances only kept me from having fun. I was trying out Foundry and it just didn't work with me, although it is a great program. 
In the three sessions we had, the adventurers came to the city of Trasler and had to visit a watchtower to maintain the equipment of the guards. When they came back, they were sent to the town Horn, which was named after the ivory white mage tower on a small hill in the town. It was the place from where adventurers would travel into the wilderness, and where carts of dreamsalt would come in from the mines, on their way to Trasler. 

In Horn the party tried to inquire about a treasure another party had found. When they didn't succeed, they climbed the mage tower and found out the mage was merged with the tower because of taking too much dreamsalt, and then casting magic. 

When they travelled into the wilderness, after a rumor of a lost temple, the game ended and we didn't get back to it anymore.

What am I doing now?

I'm still/again playing and DMing in the East Marches campaign. I'm almost finished with the storyline I started 3 years ago. The god Arawynn has almost been freed and must be cleansed from nightmares before he can become a God of Dreams again. His followers, the Elven Aelef, have three bodies now, but must lose that gift to cleanse their god. I'll be happy when the storyline is done. It's been a while.


Next to that I'm playing a Ranger in Keep on the Borderlands (Olde Swords Reign ruleset), DMed by my friend Damien who I've been playing with for 1,5 years now. Although we started out with a clear mission, we kind of deviated from that now and are exploring more adventures in the area of the keep. 

Damien is heavily influenced by Professor Dungeon Master (Dungeoncraft on Youtube) and although I've seen his videos on the Caves of Chaos, I do not remember most of it, so I can still play without much meta knowledge. Damien has prodcued a few 'noteboards' for us to see in town, where we can pick up quests and choose which one we do. I think this is a great way of handing out quests, because the DM is in charge of the choice and how much choice there is. 

My Ranger must give his belongings away, and I've been struggling with that the first few sessions, until we came upon some bandits, who turned bandit because their village was burned down. I now have a goal to help them out and rebuild a village by sending equipment to their place. I already sent an order of equipment to a blacksmith I knew in my youth, so I hope the parcels will be delivered in a few weeks. 

We have slaughtered two or maybe one and a half cave up to now, and when I return to the keep I'll be level 3 in this game. I'll be taking a multiclass level in Druid so I can cast some survival spells. I won't be going for offensive spells though, I have my sword and shield for that.


 I'll also be starting a game of Night Below with Damien as DM. Here I'll be playing the Halfling Monk Pholtan Springs, who will be fighting with a sling from near range, and his hands if up close. We also use Olde Swords Reign for this game as a ruleset. I'm looking forward to joining this campaign.

So I'm quite busy with games still.

What Else?

I would really like to get into writing materials for games again and starting my blog anew will help me out. This time I'd like to see if I can write more system agnostic than for D&D5e. I got a few projects lying around that are almost finished, but that are difficult to get over the psychological hurdle. I got a document named: PLACES, that eneds a better name and a few more entries on different fun places to come across in the world. Another document (THE ROAD FROM ACCAR TO BELIAR) just needs three pictures to go with it, and a map. 
I'm thinking about writing about towers; different towers that are all unique from each other. Towers are the best. 

But for now I'm going to close this blog post and be back soon.


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