Saturday, February 13, 2021

Our new Game system and Trasler's Wealth, the campaign!

 Hey everyone!

I've decided to leave my post about end goals for the campaign, as I'm just about to start a new campaign as DM and really want to see what happens first. 

Together with some international friends I've been working on my own game system, based mostly on ICRPG, but classless and in my case it doesn't feature experience either. We're going to try this out in my campaign setting of Trasler's Wealth, a setting I've been building for a few years now and never found time or system to run it with. 

So let me first talk about my system a bit: There are only disciplines and three levels of proficiencies per discipline. You can mix and match as much as you like, but there is a cap of 12 proficiencies per character. So you could take 'journeyman bow' and 'master fighter' and spend 4 proficiencies. It will also take some time to learn new proficiencies, so you can't just always get to the trainer and you've learned it. 

We take the effort dice that ICRPG uses (every challenge has HP to overcome) and I've added some skills that are non-combat focussed. Every player may choose one of those (for now) to start with. I've asked them a load of questions like: what do you fear, what is your ideal, name 2 people who came before you to this island and one that you left behind.

Now about the campaign: I've been wanting to play it for a time now. It started out as a 100 hexes hexcrawl, but I got to hex 5 and quit. So now I made it a lot smaller. It's an island that was colonized 30 years ago but they've only inhabited a small part of it. It has a mineral called Dream Salt, which makes you dream lucid. Dreamwalkers can control their dreams and some can even control reality through dreams if they take the mineral. There are other effects, like dangerous magic, and rusty waters, which will be explained to the players soon.

Dreamsalt made the island super rich, as every court in the world wants it. The island is just too far away and well protected to conquer, and the taxes aren't that bad. Every nation in the world has a guild doing their biddings, and Treslar, the king and founder, sits back and gets rich. 

The island looks uninhabited by any civilization other than their own. Things will change soon though. I will start using timers and pressure for the players, although it might be hidden for them in the first few sessions, as they might not understand the consequences that things have. I'm trying to be very vague here, as my friends read the blog. 

I've now planned for the first three sessions. They can take several routes that I calculated, or they can do anything else, but I'll have to improvise. I know how the world revolves and what will happen, so as long as I know that, the games will be fine!

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